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tv   All the Best All the Worst 2017  CNN  December 28, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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said that he felt like the country would be harmed by an investigation that continued for a long time. >> thank you for coming back. i commend your poker face in the first segment. not letting us know this was going on. >> sorry about my voice. >> it's great. >> appreciate it. that's all for me, i'm john berman. the cnn special report, "all the best, all the worst 2017" begins right now. the following is a cnn special report. >> from the outer limits of a world unlike any ever known comes a spine-tingling, hair-raising, bone-chilling tale of horrifying headlines, political intrigues, mayhem, majesty, music and more, with an all-star cast, including sports analyst brian jones. >> run, run, they're coming. >> comedienne helen hong.
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>> oh, no, it's alive. >> cnn's own van jones and john berman. >> this time, it's personal. radio host, bethany watson. >> radio commentator s.e. cupp, youtube sensation, jessie paege, and comedienne kiran deol. it's "all the best, all the worst 2017." welcome, i'm tom foreman. in so many ways the past 12 months have played out like a bad movie. we had week after week of outlandish characters, unexpected developments, outrageous behavior in big news and in entertainment and pop culture, and most of all in politics, where one name over shadowed everything else and it came from d.c. ♪ >> president trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> donald trump, trump. >> president trump.
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>> donald trump. >> the biggest overarching story of the year is certainly the trump presidency. >> it was bananas how completely divided this country became. b-a-n-a-n-a-s. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president-elect of the united states, donald j. trump. >> for some, the new york billionaire was the best thing to come to washington in decades, with his promise of shaking things up, shooting straight and draining the swamp. >> i, donald john trump -- >> if anybody in this country is against anything he is going to do, i really worry about their judgment. >> he is laying the groundwork for if future for us. >> i love him. >> but the reality for others -- >> it was a garbage fire rollercoaster. >> it's been so strange so unnerving. >> the best win, the string of conservative judges flowing into federal courts coast-to-coast and the justice he seated on the
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supreme court. >> and i got it done in the first 100 days. that's even nice. >> they got a lifetime appointment to the federal court. these guys are like 9 years old. they will become cyborgs and live forever. they will be in the court in like 2,200 and we aren't even talking about it. >> worst judgment. his decision again and again, to take to twitter. almost 2,500 times in the year following his election, taunting foreign leaders, making policy, announcing staff changes and pouring insults on his foes. >> it's definitely new that the president has such a strong twitter branding. yeah, i'll put it that way. >> this is not a person of nuance. for him, it's perfect. >> his twitter feed helped push a torrent of misleading, deceptive, offensive and downright false statements out of the white house. starting on day one. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.
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>> there were more people at my bat mitzvah than were at the inauguration and i'm not even jewish. >> when trump was called out, he always had the best response from his fans' point of view. >> some of the fake news said -- the fake news. are you fake news. >> a lot of the news is fake. it has been for years. >> but that gave rise to the best counterpunching, handed to major news outlets for vigorously chasing down and reporting facts, despite the badgering from the oval office. #factsfirst. >> it's the "seinfeld" line. >> it's not a lie if you believe it. >> it was all the best fodder for political satire. >> are you kidding me? >> best power play. the gop came into the year holding the oval office, controlling the house and senate
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and dominating democrats in most legislators and governor's offices, too. something few expected. >> it's unreal. you run out of adjectives to describe what it's been like on the political landscape. >> the best claim to fame for the president and his party, it's the economy, stupid. employment, house values and the stock market have continued to climb, starting under president obama. >> by every traditional measurement the economy is doing well. >> worst follow-up. aside from a late charge of tax reform the party pretty much failed to pass any legislation. no infrastructure makeover. no wall with mexico. the republicans could not even repeal obamacare, despite repeated tries and years of promises. >> and it almost seemed like they were caught by surprise.
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wait, now we got to do the thing? >> not that democrats did any better. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> worst family feud. the survey says the bitter blame game over why hillary clinton lost last year. dueling books and interviews kept nerves raw and voters seeing red. >> why aren't we looking backwards? look forward. that's in the past. >> the democratic party is trying to find itself, insofar i'm not even sure it knows where to look. >> best news for the so-called resistance, special counsel robert mueller's probe in the russian meddling in the u.s. election, producing indictments despite team trump's insistence, they had no improper contact with the kremlin. >> apparently no one in this administration has seen "rocky iv" or "red dawn." [ gunfire ]
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or "air force one." but news flash, russians are evil. >> get off my plane. >> the one thing that little progressives were holding on to. you think tomorrow he will be impeached? you think he will be impeached by lunch? he wasn't. he wasn't. >> worst masters of the photo op, multi-millionaire treasury secretary steve mnuchin and his wife, louise linton. mnuchin is also a member of the worst frequent flyers club, the cabinet members that came under scrutiny for questionable trips on private and military jets paid for with taxpayer dollars. >> everyone knows could walk faster rather than taking a private jet. it didn't make sense at all. >> best short timer, antony scaramucci. the much was ten days on the job
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before getting the boot. worst numbers, any and all polls about the popularity of the president and congress. >> it does not shock me in the sense of confidence in the country and leadership is low. >> worst losers, voters left and right who were hoping for a breakthrough in the d.c. gridlock. >> it felt like a war. and so, i think anybody who was moderate and trying to take good pieces from both sides were trampled by the vitriol and the screaming and the anger. >> it just makes it very, very hard to have a conversation. >> immigrants want rights. women want rights. it's like, don't touch my boobs unless i said so. and everyone at the top of like the system, what are you talking about? this is crazy. >> the most invisible action came sat the state level, where local governments took down statues of confederate leaders,
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even in the face of angry voters. and the most amazing, unexpected outpouring of political activism, you got to give it to the women's march, which filled streets across america. >> there were an estimated, like, 4 million people that took part in the women's march. if you used trump's inauguration math, that was like a hundred bajillion people. >> tell me what democracy looks like? >> this is what democracy looks like. >> they gathered no protest unequal treatment, unequal rights, unequal pay that resonated across generations. >> it's not women are better than men. it's we deserve the same pay for doing the same work, which is 100% valid. >> this was the year of women finding their voice and saying, we're not going to put up with it. it was one of the most powerful moments of my entire life.
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>> we'll have more on this amazing year for women later along with our look at sports, music, television and many other topics. one, please. right now, get ready, we're going to dim the lights and queue the action. >> thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. i have to tell you about -- >> the movies were more fun than a barrel of monkeys this year. >> is that a monkey? >> so, send in the clowns. and grab your popcorn. "all the best, all the worst, 2017" rolls on. ♪ psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ♪ i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪
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hello. >> hi. >> movie fans were once again saying hi to lots of superheroes this year. >> i love every single superhero movie. i don't care how bad they are. i don't care what the tomato people say. i love them all because it means my culture is winning. >> i saw "thor: ragner rock" and it was the best of the year. >> the box office of the "transformers."
9:15 pm
"the guardians of the galaxy" even lego batman held his own. >> we love you. >> and "logan" stood strong for the x-men. >> "logan was" so good. it had heart, action and my favorite patrick stewart. spidey senses were tingleing over peter parker's latest identity crisis. >> i love the spiderman homecoming. i think that was great, adorable. like a cool, new, perspective of the story of spiderman. >> and the best super film was the one that seemed to have everyone cheering. >> "wonder woman." i saw that. >> i loved "wonder woman." >> this was such a high point, i think. and a year that felt really fraught for women. >> i think the reason why "wonder woman" made so much money was -- >> finally we got to see women kicking butt on the screen. >> the "star wars" franchise once again sailed into our
9:16 pm
galaxy. action and crime movies made a run. "skull island" and "fate and the furious" on a roll. but the best car chasing came from "baby driver." the story was goofy but wow. >> insane. >> agreed i'm not normally into those types of movies, but i really enjoyed it. >> the they know i'm black? >> should they? "get out" was a kind of crime flick, kind of odd, but a smash. >> i loved it. >> did i like it? >> no. >> i thought it was fantastic. great, great film. >> it was creepy. >> i like the way it ended. the black guy won. so, yeah. i like that. >> the most divisive film of the year was uber creepy "mother." some called eight masterpiece, some called eight mess.
9:17 pm
>> i saw that movie "mother" i walked out thinking i was high. >> i saw something. >> the clown. >> best remake of a classic, "it," which gave us the most memorable character, too. >> no. >> oh, yes, pennywise the clown is there i couldn't watch it. >> i feel like i've literally seen the whole movie on social media. i haven't actually watched it. >> that guy stephen king can really write a story. huh? somebody needs to give that guy a book deal. >> who's that? >> for the more tender hearted, sequels ruled. "beauty and the beast" brought the magic back to life. so did "despicable me 3" and "cars 3" as well. >> welcome. anything to declare? >> however, an original, "coco" really filled the seats. >> i have been dating this girl. she's white. >> a white girl? >> the best romantic comedy "the big sick." >> i did see that movie. it was cute.
9:18 pm
>> best road romp "girls trip." >> i loved "girls trip." i had a glass of wine and i was drinking, and watching and laughing. it was awesome. >> best historic drama, give it to "dunkirk" or maybe "darkest hour," as they're pretty much about the same thing. worst historic moment. >> "la la land." >> announcing the wrong picture at the oscars. >> wait. there is a mistake. "moonlight" you won best picture. >> almost embarrassing. >> the movies i wanted to win actually won. i was very happy. >> is that your given name? >> yes. >> while "ladybird" and other late arrivals may well be oscar worthy the best long shots a car should be looking at and you should, too. is the stunning captivating heartbreaking "good time."
9:19 pm
>> it's a nice dream. it's a nice dream. >> amid all the turmoil of the year when people were not escaping to the movies, many turned to sports, where they also found a lot of action, some amazing performances and, yeah, a little drama. ♪ >> sports were awesome this year. all of the sports were phenomenal. i don't follow sports, tom. >> well, plenty of people do. and in baseball the world series gave them some games for the ages as the houston astros met the los angeles dodgers. >> i played baseball for a while, recreationally, not a big deal. >> it was a slugfest from start-to-finish, with the astros finally taking the prize. >> they were both really good baseball teams. and they played really well, in the world series. and that's a wonderful thing to see.
9:20 pm
>> best headline, the "sports illustrated" cover that predicted the astros would win this year. in basketball for the third time in three years the cleveland cavaliers clashed with the golden state warriors and king james could not withstand the twin attacks from kevin durant and the amazing steph curry. the trophy went west. >> it's unbelievable atmosphere lease, the last of the pure role model. >> in hockey, the pittsburgh penguins froze out the nashville predators, skating off with the stanley cup for the second year in a row. ♪ football is still the most popular game. but viewership has gone into a freefall, as player protests of police treatment against african-americans has remained divisive. >> this was never about the national anthem. it was never about the flag. it was never about our military.
9:21 pm
this is about everyone in this country enjoying equal rights, equal treatment. that is it. >> worst wait in the unemployment line that goes to colin kaepernick who started the protest and now isn't playing for anyone. worst collapse. that's the atlanta falcons old stadium blowing up, which is exactly what the team did in the super bowl. for most of the game the falcons who have never won a championship made the new england patriots look like amateurs. then the pats launched a record-setting 25-point comeback. >> they win it anyway. that's what they do. >> and grabbed the lombardi trophy for the fifth time. >> i have rewatched the fourth quarter and overtime of the super bowl now seven times. i still don't believe that it happened.
9:22 pm
>> so, it turns out the patriots can win without cheating. >> the best american male marathoner in a generation retired at the new york marathon, just as shalane flanagan became the first american woman to win in 40 years, with a time of 2:27. >> that's amazing. >> that's my personal best nap time, for sure. >> and the worst matchup, almost everyone thought it would be conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather. they thought he would wither under the skills of the boxer. >> he showed boxing skills. >> he pocked an estimated $75 million. no wonder he was smiling even as he congratulated the champ. >> i feel he's a composed man. >> we still have plenty of
9:23 pm
rounds here as we take on the biggest news stories, the most exciting music, a far out astronaut and even stranger things. >> maybe all this is happening for a reason. >> yes, and the reason is, this is "all the best, all the worst, 2017." male vo: when that hurricane hit, the entire community came together as a whole. ♪ it was such an overwhelming response to help others. no one thought that they were going to do this before it happened and everyone just did it. i think that's the way that human nature should be looked at. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ won't let nobody hurt you. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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news? often this year, that answer seemed to be changing by the hour. there were just so many huge news stories, so much conflict. at times it felt less like a bad movie and more like an epoch. the worst wildfires, at least in the modern history of california, hit the northern end of the state, leaving dozens of fatalities, close to 9,000 structures and ashes and hundreds of thousands of acres scorched. then buyers hit again in the south. >> it was apocalyptic. i live in california and marijuana cannot be legalized fast enough. >> not to be outdone the vicious storms that flattened puerto rico, battered florida, and
9:28 pm
in the bible belt of texas dropped almost biblical rains. >> ferocious winds. they got 50 inches at once. 50 inches of rain. it was unbelievable. it was something we just haven't seen before. >> the national oceanic atmospheric administration says, when all is said and done, this will likely be the second-hottest year on record with last year a little hotter. >> i don't recall another year like this one, where there has been so much terrible, turbulent, destructive weather i mean. have you floods and fires and biblical stuff going on, you might at some point want to talk about these weather patterns and whether or not we are in deep, deep trouble. i think we are. [ gunfire ] >> also terrible and turbulent, the worst continuing trend, the mass shootings that ripped across the country.
9:29 pm
>> each one is a tragedy in and of itself. >> we need to get people over to the hospital. okay? >> with 58 people killed, las vegas became the worst in modern times. >> is this our normal? is this something we assume is going to happen now? >> multiple units were on scene. >> mass shootings in a texas church, a mississippi town, a florida business, and other places raised the persistent alarm over gun violence. >> it's something that happened so often. it's horrifying that kids will grow up and that will be a way of the world. >> what i'd like to do is have a grown-up conversation with you about how we can have more control, who gets a gun and who doesn't and that's it. >> jews will not replace us. >> violence in other forms also rocked communities. in charlottesville, virginia, a march of white supremacists turned violent. dozens were hurt. one woman died when police say a driver purposely ran into counterprotestors.
9:30 pm
>> i can't believe the president of the united states is having a hard time denouncing them. i also felt, tiki torches? >> it all took a toll. a poll by the american psychological foundation found two-thirds of americans stressed about america's future. >> i was surprised that tuning out became self-care. >> terrorism continued closest to home in the form of that truck attack along a bike path in new york and a shooting attack on members of congress at baseball practice and even more so overseas at an ariana grande concert in england, on a boulevard in spain, and in plenty of other places in the middle east and beyond. >> it used to be very shocking when something would happen overseas. now, it's like, oh, another one? i'm trying to find something
9:31 pm
more fun to look at on my feed. that's scary by itself. >> the best development? isis driven out of its self-proclaimed capital of raqqa, syria. >> definitely a positive sign and something this administration should be getting credit for. >> it doesn't mean isis is gone. isis has many different ways to manifest evil around the world. it's still significant. >> worst saber rattling, the steady expansion of north korea's nuclear programs. worst guy to have a finger on the trigger, kim jong-un. >> what kind of kim chi are they make north carolina that keeps turning out these crazy chubby leaders? >> first of all that flattop, he's got to get a new hairstyle. that fade is too hot. >> best images out of the kingdom in the soldier under a hail of gunfire, he was hit, but he made it. >> worst story back on the homefront, the relentless march of powerful men caught up in
9:32 pm
accusations of grabbing, groebing, sexual assault and harassment. it hit power players in hollywood, men on capitol hill and men hoping to get there, trusted names in the news media and other people in other businesses, too. >> have you dude after dude after dude saying i just didn't realize it wasn't appropriate to whip my [ bleep ] out in front of a room full of fully-clothed women. why wouldn't that be cool in a workplace? >> it blows my mind in 2017, men still behave this way and in so many numbers. just gross, you guys. you guys are just gross. >> best hash tag, #metoo. worst reality, how many women can post it. >> i'm a female stand-up comedian. which one of the 400 stories would you like to hear? hey, guys. keep your [ bleep ] in your pants. >> terrible, terrible displays for those folks. they have come out and named
9:33 pm
names and dealing with those episodes, they are to be commended. >> other news tipping the scales, in morocco the remains of the earliest home sapiens were unearthed. >> i didn't know that pre human was a thing. although i can tell i have definitely gone on a few dates with some. >> coming out. >> in lovelock, nevada, after nine years in prison. >> congratulations to o.j. simpson on being the only one having a good year. he's free. >> in london, bad boy prince harry getting hitched, engaged to american actress meghan markle and ready to make party plans. >> it doesn't involve three models and a dozen bottles of vodka? >> yes. >> stay cool. we'll have the miracles of coffee, a big noise from the amazon and we'll strike up the band. ♪ >> from the killers to kendrick
9:34 pm
lam lamar, we'll check out what was hot and not in music. plus, tv gets steamy with dragons, desperados and -- >> i'm bad luck. >> we have that in common. >> -- and danger. it's "all the best all the worst 2017." mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. but after an electrical fire from faulty wiring, mary's vintage clothing and designer shoe collection were ruined. luckily, the geico insurance agency had recently helped mary with renters insurance,
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♪ there was plenty to like in
9:38 pm
music in 2017 from the cool funk of bruno mars. >> i think this is a good year for music. >> to the slick pop of portugal demand. ♪ >> to the captivating country sound of sturgell simpson. ♪ >> there was a lot of new music this year. ♪ >> the reining queen of pop taylor swift shocked fans by deleting most of her social media, taking on a new, tougher character. >> we like taylor with a little bit of bitterness. but she's jumped the shark with bitterness. pull it back, taylor. pull it back. >> beyonce did pull back on the music but dominated instagram. >> beyonce does something has been done for 10,000 years, i
9:39 pm
don't know, being pregnant, is still fascinating. >> even has kendrick lamar proudly saying, be humble. ♪ >> kendrick lamar, the greatest rapper alive, is like listening to a psychotherapist. ♪ >> best old school, selena gomez' example of a talking heads rift. best new face still rising halsey. ♪ down, down, down, down >> ed sheeran kept a solid place on the charts. so did miley cyrus. ♪ next to you in malibu ♪ >> the new stuff, "malibu" that's a great tune. >> best catch phrase demi lovato. ♪ baby, i'm sorry
9:40 pm
>> worst heartbreak, saying good-bye to tom petty, fats dom know, david cassidy, walter becker and more. best comeback from a hard time away ke$ha. ♪ another big return -- >> i have loved the journey that lorde has been on. the fact that she came back has been a huge gift. >> music this year has been very diverse. one song i liked in particular was a song by logic. ♪ i feel like my life ain't mine ♪ >> best bands you should know -- the killers. best collaboration, haley steinfeld in florida georgia line. ♪ >> and biggest hit of the year, like it or not. ♪ december spacito ♪
9:41 pm
>> no. >> it's so edgy. >> everyone jumped on that bandwagon. >> so "decpacito" was worn out. good video, though. i like the video. >> plenty of songs were smoking hot. none burned hotter than one with the dragons. >> "game of thrones" did not last nearly as long as i wanted it to. we did get jon stone and our khalisi, meeting up, getting sexual tensions, getting some long smoldering gazes on. >> now the dragons are grown, i think they're much more interesting. >> i guess they are making so much money. they have dragons in every scene. they will be giving them talking lines and stuff. i love that. >> "the walking dead" kept devouring viewers. truthfully, so did "pretty little liars." the best show about not telling the truth was "big little lies." >> it was excellent. i mean, wealth and ocean and domestic violence, the trifecta.
9:42 pm
>> talk about real estate porn, my god, those houses were unbelievable. >> best new cop show, "mind hunter." >> i can't like everything we do. we are talking to serial killers. >> worst ad for a vacation timeshare, the riveting, "ozark." >> mom, what are we doing here? >> your father is laundering money for a drug cartel. >> jason bateman was phenomenal. who knew that he could be that dark and a little scary? and i love it when actors get a chance to show that side of them. >> spooky was in vogue. >> "river dale" was good this year. >> "twin peaks" had fans squirming. >> there were times watching
9:43 pm
"the handmaid's tale" we as women is this a documentary? >> the best tv i watched was the "ken burn's series" on cbs. i watched the crap out of that. >> "the crown" and "empire" deserve shoutouts. >> while the "big bang theory" gave us the worst spinoff, a show that did well. young sheldon. ♪ >> go play. >> there. i played. >> it helped lead the way for a slew of successful comedies including "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> are you sure he's gay? >> everybody's gay. it's the '90s. >> "veep." "masters of none." ballers." >> "curb your enthusiasm." i'm glad that is back. >> animation was galloping along, led by the wildly invented "horseman."
9:44 pm
>> i like the horsey. >> "bob's burgers" kept cooking and for rick and morty's cult-like following, there was nothing bigger. >> i saw that saga. >> are you a "rick and morty" fan? >> should i get into it? >> best sort of game show "shark tank." >> i love it. so aspirational. >> best show to show you what you should do in "the good place." >> it makes you think about what it takes to be a good person on this planet. i feel we could all use a little more of that right now. >> best follow-up to a first season hit by far "stranger things 2." >> i had high expectations because i did enjoy the first season so much. i can say i actually was so incredibly surprised and pleased with the second season. >> i was equally turned on and grossed out at the same time, which hasn't happened to me since college, that was a funny
9:45 pm
experience. >> was like, don't try to reach me for the next 12 hours, because i'm busy. >> don't step away from your tv. in just a moment, we'll "keep up with the kardashians, the sky will go dark and brace yourself. it's happening. robots are taking over the world or maybe it's just amazon. "all the best all the worst 2017" keeps moving. resolution #1: binge more. join the un-carrier, and get four unlimited lines for only forty bucks each. plus, netflix for the whole family. on us. so, they get their shows... let's go, girl! you're gonna love this bit! and you get yours. watch however you want.
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nothing was more hair-raising in the world of pop culture than the two french wingsuit divers who jumped off mountain and flew into an airplane. the best high flyer could be the voyager spacecraft, now way beyond our solar system, which came to life and fired on command for the first time in 37 years. but we're giving the award to peggy woodson, a nasa astronaut who touched down with a record 665 total days in space, more
9:50 pm
than any other american. >> peggy woodson heard what was going down here on earth, she's like, oh, i'm never coming back. >> worst turbulence the crashes >> of course not everyone is ready for the rise of the ma sheens. >> i don't want strange robots in my house. absolutely not. the machines are going to take over and it's creepy. maybe it's because i've seen the "term nay or the".
9:51 pm
>> artificial intelligence also took a leap forward. >> i got alexa, i got her because everyone told me you need to get alexa, i never use her and i'm convinced she's spying on me. >> worst planned obsolescence, give it to mobile phone makers. >> there's a new iphone coming out which means my old iphone will stop working in five, four, three, two, yeah. >> i have bought, but not yet received by iphone 10, i reserve the right to be blown away by it. if i'm not, there's going to be issues. >> and yet with voice and face recognition and voice, there's some creepiness there, too. >> i don't think your phone should know about you than your friends. >> best and worst waste of time. fidget spinners. at one point estimated to account for 17% of all online toy sales. >> i don't get it, you just hold something and it twirls.
9:52 pm
>> i have never heard of this in my life. >> it looks like a hub cap. >> best thing that looked like a hub cap, the total eclipse visible for a few moments coast to coast. >> i got gypped on the eclipse, i was in las vegas for the eclipse and it was overcast. and i couldn't see it. >> best news to wake up to, new studies which say that drinking more coffee can lead to a longer life. >> coffee may prolong your lifespan you say. i have no opinion. >> best news for animals rights activists and worst for nostalgia buffs, after a century of clowning around, barnum and bailey circus folded it's tents. >> i'm okay with the circus being gone. be done with the circus. let the animals be free. go be free animals. >> best movement in media, the
9:53 pm
amazing resurgence of pod casts. >> podcasts are bigger than tv shows now. podcasts are bigger than movies. >> podcasts are it. >> worst mayhem for shopping malls. the steady decline of some ma mainstream stores pushed into financial straits by online competition. >> toys r us, toys are not us anymore. everyone's buying things online. no one goes in the store anymore. >> yeah, that blew my mind. because toys r us like was my childhood. >> i'm not sure whether or not amazon will own the universe, but if it does, they'll do it in less than two days and arrive on your doorstep in that time frame. >> worst pop culture problems, keeping up with the kardashians. amid news of multiple pregnancies as fall rolled in. best way to save up for the kid's college, maybe bitcoin, the online currency which saw huge spikes in value this year. worst word, although also the most hilarious. covffee. best decoration for the den,
9:54 pm
this painting by davincci that went for 450 million dollar. >> someone has that money to spend on art, nice. that's nice. that's nice. i'm proud of you. >> worst delivery. the potato chip cans authorities say were used by a california man to smuggle king cobras and best hero for our times, that guy in south carolina who went to a waffle house late, found everyone asleep, and cooked his own breakfast creating an internet sensation. >> keep your waffles warm, we will be right back with some excellent wishes for next year in the final reel of all the best, all the worst 2017. mvo: we had support from the interfaith groups, the synagogue, the churches. ♪
9:55 pm
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9:58 pm
well the bad movie that was 2017 is done. it's time to roll the credits and sweep the floor, but we have just enough time for a few wishes and predictions from our soothe sayers. >> my wish for 2018 is that even if people from different sides can't come to an agreement, at least we can walk away from a discussion feeling like we understood where the other person is coming from. even if we don't agree with it. >> i would like to see more happiness among american people. >> my wish for america would be, you know, a couple gold medals in the luge. we can achieve that, who knows,
9:59 pm
there's no limit to what we can achieve as a country. >> my wish is we remember we can vote against each other, but we don't have to hate each other. >> i think my wish for america for 2018 would be to be a bit nicer on social media. >> my wish for next year is world peace and harmony and absolutely blistering report on the russia investigation. >> let's get along, how about that? >> okay. this interview's over. this is the rest of the interview now. >> and so is our show. we'd like to say thanks to our guests and to you for watching. on behalf of anderson cooper
10:00 pm
"360" and the cnn family worldwide, i'm tom foreman wishing you all the best and none of the worst in 2018. this is cnn tonight, i am don lemon. the breaking news on the russia investigation. the president says he believes special counsel robert mueller will treat him fairly. but he says the investigation, quote, makes the country look very bad. that's according to the "new york times" which also reports the president insisted a stunning 16 times there has been no collusion discovered by mueller's investigation. but the president also returned to a familiar theme, complaining that attorney general jeff sessions recused himself and pointedly saying, quote, holder protected president obama. a lot to get to. but i want to start with michael sheer who helped break the


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